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how does chiropractic help back pain Over the years, this once inconspicuous, sleepy border town slowly became the hub of many protests - and a hotbed of localism. Sheung Shui station is located close to the Shek Wu Hui marketplace [Karen Cheung/Al Jazeera]  Ng Ka-leung is the director of the 2015 low-budget dystopian indie film, Ten Years, which was subsequently banned in China for its negative depiction of Chinese rule in Hong Kong.  READ MORE: Ten Years - The film that irked China's Communist party Before the film thrust him into fame, Ng had been the producer of a lesser-known project - a series of documentaries named "Fading Marketplaces". One episode focused on the Shek Wu Hui marketplace and neighbourhood, located in Sheung Shui. Ng, who grew up in the area, said that only one of the stores featured in his documentary is still in business today. His family, who owned an electronics appliances store in the neighbourhood for decades, were forced to close their shop last year. Rising rents forced out small businesses unable to compete with pharmaceutical and other chains, especially since many landlords sold their properties to parallel trading businesses, Ng said. This began in 2003 when new visa regulations allowed mainland Chinese from various cities to easily cross the border. Leung Kam-shing, spokesman for the North District Parallel Imports Concern Group, an anti-parallel trading citizens' group, said that factors such as the strengthening value of the Chinese yuan and the prevalence of counterfeit pharmaceuticals across mainland China started attracting an influx of tourists into Hong Kong. Ng says that parallel trading swelled after 2008 when China's melamine milk scandal drove troves of mainlanders to visit Hong Kong in the hopes of buying safe baby milk formula. It worsened in 2009 when Shenzhen residents living directly across the border were permitted to make unlimited trips to Hong Kong within a specified period under a multiple entry visa scheme. The social issues soon became political. In 2012, anti-parallel trading protests started in Sheung Shui. "Chinese people go back to China," the placards read at these protests. "Reclaim Sheung Shui, protect our homes," others said.

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